Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and 65 km from the capital Bhubaneswar, Konark houses Odisha’s most iconic and magnificent sight, the Sun Temple. It is the magnificent architecture of the religious place that makes Konark the most visited place by tourists in Odisha. Built-in the 13th century by King Narasinghdev, this temple is designed in the shape of a huge chariot which is truly magnificent.

It is believed that earlier the temple was close enough to the shore that European sailors used it as a navigation point. Today this huge structure sits as a solitary eminence surrounded by sand dunes and is located 2 km from the sea. Visitors can enjoy the Konark Dance Festival which started in 1986 and is very popular and worth attending.

The festival is held every year between December 1st and 5th and is also aimed at paying homage to the master of the Sun Temple at Patta. Over the years, the festival has successfully established its unique identity, with national and international artists performing Odissi, Kathak, Mohinitam, and other classical folk and tribal dances/music of the country in an open-air auditorium adjacent to the Sun Temple. Be the background Perhaps it is to bind artists in cultural friendship and brotherhood Apart from this, Magha Saptami also known as Chandrabhaga Mela is another popular festival celebrated in the city in the month of February.

Besides, to preserve the unique heritage of the unique elements, the museum was built in this small yet extensively explored tourist spot. The museum is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India and exhibits magnificent stone sculptures collected from the ruins of the Sun Temple. After entering the museum, one can see four galleries where about 260 antiques are displayed Each gallery has different stone sculptures depending on their theme Tourists can see the corridors of the museum where sculptures and antiques collected from different parts of Odisha have displayed A visit to Konark’s museum truly enlightens the tourists with the rich Odisha architecture and history

You can join other tourist attractions in Konark like the clean and pristine Konark Beach, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset which is popular as the best spot on the east coast. Take long leisurely walks on the beautiful golden sands while enjoying the weather and losing yourself in the beautiful surroundings Konark tour will take you to sightseeing spots like Astaranga Beach, 34 km from Konark, which is a famous picnic spot and fishing village.

The perfect time to visit this place is during sunrise when one can experience the panoramic and multifaceted horizon. A visit to Kuruma, a lesser-explored Buddhist site about 7 km from Konark, will immerse you in the history of India. Also, take blessings at Ramachandra Temple where the main deity is Goddess Ramachandra, and another famous temple in Konark Last but not least, stone, wood carvings and other handicrafts of Odisha can be collected as souvenirs from local corner markets.

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